I love to speak to women’s clubs, libraries, senior centers, book clubs, and other groups. I also enjoy cooking and talking on television and on the radio.

(The photo to the left shows me at my favorite home away from home, the program Mass Appeal in Springfield, Massachusetts, with hosts Lauren Zenzie and Danny New.)

One recent librarian wrote in a thank-you note, “You had such a rapport with the audience it felt as though we all knew you.”

My favorite topics are the life lessons one can learn from caregiving and the ways in which food can connect us to others through memory. I also conduct recipe-writing workshops and organize evenings of group cooking. I'm articulate and funny (if not modest!), and I can always sing in a pinch!

The photo below and to the right, taken by Margery Carlson, comes from an appearance at the Charlemont Senior Center two days before Halloween a couple of years ago. We had a blast cooking and eating together.

If you’d like to have me talk to your group or your book club, please use the contact form on this site.

I will be doing lots of appearances this spring to celebrate the launch of my new RHUBARB book, including book signings, participation in a garden tour, and my book lauch. More about those soon, I promise. Meanwhile....

I appear on Mass Appeal every other week in the warmer months of the year. I'm writing this in deep winter--but spring is just around the corner. I will be back with the gang there starting on Tuesday, April 10, if not before.

On March 29, 2018, at 6:15 p.m. I'll teach a hands-on class of maple foods at the Baker's Pin in Northampton, Massachusetts. If you're interested in registering, call the cooking school at 413-586-7978. More classes will follow later in the year, including sessions focusing on corn and (of course) my beloved rhubarb.

On Sunday, May 6, from 4 to 6 p.m., I will host a FREE recipe-writing workshop as part of the statewide ArtWeek celebration. Pre-registration is required; if you're interested in coming, please see this page. And if you'd like to know more about ArtWeek in general, visit its website

Oh.... did I mention that I sing as well as cook?

On Saturday, August 12, of last year, the fabulous Alice Parker and I performed a concert of American popular standards.

" By Heart" provided a tour of numbers we love from the Great American Songbook.

The title referred to the fact that we used only music Alice knew more or less by heart; her eyes aren't terrific, but her memory is. It also refers to the way we think music should be performed--WITH heart!

This performance raised funds for Mohawk Trail Concerts, a gem of a chamber-music series.

I hope you stopped in and sang along if you were in the neighborhood!

Thanks to Ruth Gillan for taking the photo of me in the poster--and to Lee Peters for the fabulous poster design.

In October of 2016, I welcomed visitors to my hometown of Hawley for the Gentlemen's Pie and Tart Extravaganza, a festive day including lunch, entertainment, and a pie competition. It was WONDERFUL! We're hoping to schedule a pudding contest for 2019.

And now ... a little video! (You can see more of me on my YouTube channel!)

Below I prepare a spring favorite (dandelion greens!) on Mass Appeal. (I forgot to add salt to the dish on the air but urge you to add a little at home.) Please enjoy my hat!

I was also interviewed a few years back for the public-television program Making It Here. (You get to see my dear late mother Taffy in this clip!)

And a little audio, courtesy of the public-radio station WFCR:

First, a few years back, I manage to grill some satay for the Fourth of July—without burning the house down—with a little help from mother Taffy and Truffle the dog.

From 2011 I report in from the cut-off town of Hawley, Massachusetts, just after Hurricane Irene. (This essay was based on one in my book Pulling Taffy!)

And from 2013, I recall my mother’s love of song.

Finally, here is what one Massachusetts minister wrote about one of my presentations:

It was an amazing program that Tinky Weisblat offered to our community about care-giving in general and about caring for family members with dementia, in particular.... Tinky read from her new book, Pulling Taffy: A Year with Dementia and Other Adventures. It is a year-long journal of family memories and daily stories about caring for Tinky’s mother, Jan (Taffy), in her apartment in Virginia near Tinky’s brother, and here in her home in Hawley. The book is loving and humorous and informative all at once. Others who came to the program shared their own experiences, and I realized how this is such an understated story.... Thank you, Tinky, for bringing the challenges of care-giving to our attention.

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Published on  January 23rd, 2018