Here are a few pictures of my home and family.


My house in Massachusetts; you'll note that it shares a color scheme with this website!


My parents, Jan (a.k.a. Taffy) and Abe, in the 1960s.




Sister in law Leigh, brother David, and nephew Michael with Taffy and Truffle


A healthier Taffy with the faithful Truffle


Our other four-footed friend, Rhubarb (a.k.a.Ruby)


My mother with her siblings: Taffy, Bruce, and "Baby" Lura


Folk artist Judith Russell, who created the art for my cookbook.


With my dear neighbor and sometime fellow diva, composer Alice Parker


Taffy on vacation with her grandson Michael; it's hard to tell who is having more fun here!

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Published on  September 20th, 2022